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Dolch Nouns Word List

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Download PDF Froggy Dolch Sight Words - Common Nouns Level One

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By working though this book from start to finish you and your child will have read each word in the list a total of 10 times. Treat this book as if it were 10 sets of flash cards. Each set contains the same words but in a different order. Helpful Hints: 1. To quickly jump to a new word set, first go to the table of contents then pick one of the 10 word sets. They are all the same — just in a different order. Feel free to change the font size if you wish.

Since most of the words are short, increasing the font size while using this book might make the words easier to read. Make this time a fun experience for your child. Let them hold the book and teach them to turn the pages on their own. No activado. Compra verificada. Use it with a non-native English speaking child. Very good. These site words flashcards aim for children to use them in context when they're reading.

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Since all of them are the words used most often in reading and writing. Most children will be able to master a few sight words in Pre-K four years old. You can teach sight words with this effective flashcards. It can be used as sight words games for children who are encouraged to memorize as a whole by sight so that they can automatically recognize these words in print within three seconds without having to use any strategies to decode.

Let's have your child spell the word out loud with the sight card, then repeat it; this will allow them to memorize how it is constructed. The book helps children easily master sight words. This book is written in large letters to make it easy to read. Pages are done separately, to address the issue of letterand picture distortion on some e-readers. The book is for children learning to read English, learning English as a second language and for parents teaching children to read.

English is a second language for them and the boys were doing very badly at school. They could not read, or speak English. In , one of the twins came out third overall in second grade at his school and the other twin came out in the top ten. Dolch Sight words.

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  • Download PDF Froggy Dolch Sight Words - Common Nouns Level One.
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Over sentences. Product Description: Your child will learn and recognize the Dolch words with ease. This book uses the 3rd Grade set of 41 words. The sentences are short and simple. All the sentences are comprised with these 41 words in alphabetical order.

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The previous sets of words are used too. In this way your child will consolidate all sight words and the 48 nouns we used after having read the complete book. Each page displays a single word and uses the words of the previous pages. In this systematic way, your child learns a word at a time; a page at time.

Repetition is key to learning. A few nouns are used in picture form. Your child will build on new words without even realizing it.! You would expect the first few pages to have more pictures and as your child progresses through the book, pictures become less helpful.

That is the uniqueness of the book and the series.

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The need to depend on pictures will lessen as the child reads more words and progresses. The important thing to remember is the need for repetition.

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  8. The few pictures used are from the nouns list. For example to teach the word blue; the fifth word on the list is; we had to use a picture of a blue ball and the blue sky.