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  1. Genuine Christianity requires faith and action to prevent climate change
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  3. Notes from Undergrad Halls: On Nihilism, Mysticism and Genuine Christianity

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Notes of Recent Exposition. Cookies Notification This site uses cookies. Hagar became pregnant and bore Abram's firstborn son. What is so wrong with one birth, you may ask? Sarah became the matriarch of God's chosen Israelites and Hagar is the mother of Islam—and never shall the two religions be truly at peace.

And finally, for this discussion, King Saul was victorious against armies larger, stronger, and better equipped than his own.

But that was when God was with Saul. Still, in 1 Samuel 13, we find Saul waiting on the prophet Samuel in Gilgal against a numerically superior Philistine army. Samuel ordered Saul to wait for his arrival because only Samuel, the priest, could perform holy sacraments.

This order to wait led Israel's army into hiding in caves and thickets in some pretty nasty surroundings. After seven days, when Samuel did not arrive exactly when he promised he would, Israel's army began to flee. To stem the fleeing tide, Saul took it upon himself to sacrifice the burnt offering. He could make the offering. And to prove the point, Samuel arrived just as Saul finished the offering made in hubris. As a result, God appointed David successor and king of Israel, ending the reign of Saul's house.

Sure, Saul remained king for several years until God had prepared David, but God's hand on Saul's reign ended in that moment. As David himself often said, Saul was God's anointed—but Saul no longer walked on the path God had chosen. So, suffice it to say we humans do not fare well when we insert ourselves into God's plan.

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When we interrupt His perfect plan we get confusion, strife, delay and in some cases Uzzah , death. But this post is not about how angry God becomes when we get in the way of His plans; rather, it is about how confidently and effectively we can follow God's will if we are wise enough to wait on His leading and timing. First, a baseline. Not everything we do requires us to step back and seek God's direction.

Genuine Christianity and Seeking Godly Counsel

For some things, God expects us to use the intelligence and common sense He has given us. For example not a comprehensive list , a few things come immediately to mind: obeying the speed limit, attending church, donating to charity, not cursing, not drinking eating, working out, or doing anything excessively, not murdering to include unborn children and not cheating on one's spouse. This very short list exemplifies some of the things that we probably should not need to seek God's face for or receive good Godly counsel on, regarding our actions. Of course there are more, but by now you should get my point.

Things that do require Godly counsel: starting a ministry, changing churches, changing jobs, major decisions that impact loved ones moving, buying a house, becoming a nun , major decisions that impact the church family, and anything that places you in the position to preach, teach, admonish or educate in God's name. Those wives may have been among the Christian women to whom Hippolytus referred as having used contraception and abortion. Same-sex orientation? Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Bercot Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, Mat Jesus.

Rom Paul.

Genuine Christianity requires faith and action to prevent climate change

Try to do what everyone considers to be good. Aristides ca. Justin Martyr A. Athenagorus A. We have learned not to return blow for blow , nor to go to law with those who plunder and rob us. Instead, even to those who strike us on one side of the face, we offer the other side also. The above quotes are just a small sampling. For more references to this subject from early Christians , see:.

Discouraging: nationalism another section of this webpage.

Authentic Christianity – Timothy Keller [Sermon]

War: Jesus' teachings on commentary on Jesus' teaching to "love your enemies". War: Early Christians' teachings on excerpts from the writings of 16 leading Christians before A. Rom ,21 Paul. Non-violence another section of this webpage. Rom 8,13,20 Paul. Can that faith save them? Keep warm and eat well!

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  6. I will show you my faith by my actions. We too, then, ought to give our lives for our brothers and sisters! Let the strong take care of the weak; let the weak respect the strong. Let the rich man minister to the poor man; let the poor man give thanks to God that he gave him one through whom his need might be satisfied. Let the wise man manifest his wisdom not in words but in good deeds.

    Christian compassion index to many articles Sharing and giving to the poor, as taught and practiced by the earliest Christians webpage article Sharing and giving to the poor, in the Christian churches of Paul's day webpage article. Rom ,13,20 Paul. Lloyd G. Christian healing additional history and links to many other relevant webpages. Heb Jam Clement of Alexandria around A. For more references from early Christians to this subject, see:.

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    Perfect references. Luk Jesus. Rom ,13,16,18,20 Paul. Whoever shares with others should do it generously; Do not be proud, but accept humble duties Heb NRSV. Clement of Rome written in the 1st century A. Aristides written in early 2nd century A. Lucian of Samosata written in late 2nd century A. Then Proteus was apprehended as a Christian and thrown into prison The Christians, regarding the affair as a great misfortune, set in motion every effort to rescue him. Then, when this was impossible, every other attention was paid him, not cursorily but diligently.

    At dawn there were to be seen waiting at the prison aged widows and orphan children, and their officials even slept inside with him, having bribed the guards.

    Notes from Undergrad Halls: On Nihilism, Mysticism and Genuine Christianity

    Varied meals were brought in, and their sacred words were spoken There were some even from the cities in Asia who came, the Christians sending them from their common fund to succour, defend, and encourage the man. They exhibit extraordinary haste whenever one of them becomes such a public victim, for in no time they lavish their all. For references to this subject from early Christians, see:. See also:. Mercy another section of this webpage. Gal Paul. You should forgive him and encourage him, in order to keep him from becoming so sad as to give up completely.

    And so I beg you to let him know that you really do love him. Jam ,20 - Let the presbyters be compassionate and merciful to all, bringing back those that wander, visiting all the sick, and not neglecting the widow, the orphan, or the poor, but always "providing for that which is becoming in the sight of God and man;" abstaining from all wrath, respect of persons, and unjust judgment; keeping far off from all covetousness, not quickly crediting [an evil report] against any one, not severe in judgment, as knowing that we are all under a debt of sin.