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  3. 10 Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse

The workshop is open to the public and your friend would need to make an appointment by calling and leave a message with his contact information. Support is available, no matter what options he may choose. My ex boyfriend and I would occasionally socially do drugs. One day he wanted to go the beach with our friends and do LSD. I refrained from doing the drug even though he tried to persuade me to join his trip. After sunset at the beach things went terribly wrong. He made me start driving after stopping the car in the middle of the road. He threw our phones out the window, thus loosing directions and causing us to end up on a deserted dark road.

Where he dragged me out of the car and as I attempted to flee he tackled me and punched me. He ran away and the cops found him. His parents sent him off to rehab where he calls me begging for a second chance. He swears something took over his body and that he would never ever hurt me. He swears he had no control and hardly even remembers. Do drugs really have this much power over someone? Should I believe him? Is he not at complete fault? Should I consider taking him back? It is not easy to navigate situations such as this, and we commend you for reaching out for support.

While drugs never justify violence, the presence of a drug abuse can contribute to a violent, abusive, or scary situation. We are all responsible for our actions and being under the influence of drugs or alcohol does not resolve us from taking responsibility. Got so bad I told him my son and I were leaving. He got angry said so your leaving me hit himself with phone charger had me arrested but sheriff new and the DA said not picking this charge up.

Tossed out court. I did get a CPO grated then 5 year restraining order. He still contacted. After 6 months he never stopped harassing me threatening my job then one day everything change. When released I gasp for air. We are so sorry to hear you are going through this. She can reach them at If you would like emotional support and other resources around this issue, please reach out to our Support and Information line at WEAVE provides counseling to domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.

Everything you discuss with your counselor is private, confidential and protected, unless there is a subpoena ordered by court in case there is a court process. To find out more about the counseling process, please call our Information and Support Line at or you can attend one of our walk in triage sessions and initiate counseling.

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Years back he had laid hands on her. She ended pretty badly. She went back because of the children. What should we do?

Relationships Are Hard, But Why? - Stan Tatkin - TEDxKC

We are so sorry to hear about what your aunt is going through in Mexico. We are not familiar with laws in Mexico regarding domestic violence and marital laws. What she is going through is very scary and she needs as much support as she could get, does she have family in Mexico that she could stay with in the meantime? Can she go to law enforcement and file a police report for domestic violence and for husband wrongfully taking her children away?

She could also reach out to non-profit agencies that provide assistance to victims of domestic violence there if there are any.

Best Relationship red-flags/quotes images in | Quotes, Words, Relationship red flags

Ultimately she might want to seek out legal services and someone to represent her in order to be able to get her children back. This is a very scary and stressful situation and you and your family deserve the support as well. Please contact us at our Information and Support Line and speak to an advocate for emotional support.

I am concerned that it has happened 2 times and it might happen again or if I break up with him he might snap even worse.

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What should I do. How can I talk to him about this? We are so sorry that you have been experiencing this with your boyfriend. Even if you have been mean and even if you have been drinking that does not give the right for anyone to physically assault you. I would encourage you to seek out supports for you and your boyfriend.

Support is available, no matter what options you choose.

My 24 year old son has been arrested for domestic battery and endangering the welfare of a child. His daughter is 2. Evidently he was drunk on tequila and Lord only knows what else. The little girl is black and blue on her legs, bumps on her head and bruise on her nose. He has been in trouble with the law. Should I hire him a lawyer?

10 Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse

Do I accept his calls from jail? My wife is very mad with me as she thinks I should cut him out of our life forever. We are sorry to hear about your relationship and constant fights with your boyfriend. Based on what you shared it seems that you and your boyfriend might be in a co-combative relationship which can escalate and can get one or both of you into legal problems or really hurt.

If you chose to stay together you might consider reaching out for help and counseling for the both of you. I have worked my whole life and helped others.

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I was only married to him for 11 years-no children together. There was a trial due to his undisclosed assets-he never disclosed. There were court documents that went missing, delays in court processing, talk of judges and attorneys being paid off.

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This is a travesty of justice. My X-husband has committed fraud, forgery, perjury, divorce trial in Superior Courts, El Dorado County, California, and no one cares [edited for length]. We are so sorry you have been going through this. WEAVE has legal advocates who can provide you with legal support, in the scope of their practice, which is Sacramento County. To contact them, please leave a message at Leave your name, a safe-identified phone number to return your call at, and your legal question.

Legal advocates will return your call within five business days, and it will be from a blocked or unknown number. WEAVE provides individual and group counseling services for those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault. Please make arrangements for childcare during triage and counseling appointments. If you or someone you know needs counseling from WEAVE, please call our hour support line at or complete a free triage assessment session during the following times:. We are so sorry to hear your mother in law was assaulted by her own daughter.

She may also want to reach out to her local law enforcement in order to ask about her rights. How do I leave? We are so sorry to hear that you are going through this; this can be a very scary situation. If you ever feel like you are in danger at any time, please call law enforcement. I know that this can be a scary thing to do, however if your husband is making attempts at suicide, this is one of the ways to help ensure you and your families safety. If you need help finding safe resources for leaving or would like to discuss some more of your options, please contact our 24 hour support and information line at Please reach out if you need any support!

My wife was grabbed by arm and thrown down by neighbor whom was drunk and also slung childs riding toy at our heads. Intent to harm or worse. All the way to Chief. Did Nothing. Neighbors continue to harass me and my family going on over 4 years. Seeking contingency Civil Lawyer. I want Justice, compensation, charges filed against everyone involved. Same Commissioner saw my wifes bruised arm. Need a Lawyer. Have very little money. A lot of documents, reports and pics. We are sorry to hear you and your wife are being harassed and abused by your neighbor. We are a Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Agency and our legal department only takes and assists with Family Law cases related to that.

In seems that for your case you will possibly need to hire a private civil attorney.